Turn fluctuating skin into glowing skin

fluctuating skin=unstable skin conditions

☆Purchaser Benefits☆Gifting 5 sample sachets of the supplement for 1 serum purchase and 1 sample mini-bottle of the 15mL serum for 1 supplement purchase.


User's Voice

getting skin firmness and luster....

After using this serum for a month, I felt this was absorbed smoothly when I put it on my skin. This had also enough moisturizing effect, and I was able to use it without feeling unsatisfactory.
The appearance was a fresh image design, and it was easy to adjust the amount and put it out.
As a result, I feel that my skin texture has improved.
As for this supplement, I was worried about the smell of it when I took it in the beginning, but as I continued to take it, I got used to it, and by the end I didn't care.
One sachet was an easy-to-drink amount, so I think I could continue taking it every day.
Perhaps because of the effect from the inside, I feel that my skin has become glossy.
In addition, I think the packaging is so cute.
I thought that both the serum and the supplement were products that were easy to continue and use.

*Personal impressions. It does not guarantee the actual functions. *Some sentences have been changed due to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan. *Ages are those at the time of the interview.

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 We are aiming for a health self-check service expansion in the non-medical field, based on the self-check APP "Mirraku"we provide various test kits and mail-in tests that are useful for health and beauty with the aim of "realizing a society where everyone can easily continue to live a healthy life."
 In this context, we develop and offer the health and beauty products that are useful for self-care through the Mirraku store. We continue to verify the potential of various technologies and raw materials, starting with customers' unmet needs (latent requests and demands that have not yet been met)

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Mirraku is a self-check introduction platform that supports the visualization of the body conditions. We will develop and provide test kits that allow you to check your own body concerns.

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