Refund policy

About refund

Defects and defects of products (responsibility for non-compliance with contract content)

In the event that a product purchased from us has a defect or defect, and if all of the following (a) to (c) are satisfied, we will replace the product. However, if there is a reason that the Company cannot exchange the product, the customer may request the Company to return the product or refund the full price, and the Company shall comply with the request.

(a) Products sold by the Company or products accompanying services provided by the Company;

(b) Notify us of any deficiencies, defects, etc. within 8 days after the arrival of the product to our company's e-mail address or telephone number mentioned above.

(c) After contacting us, promptly return the product to the address specified by us (our company will bear the shipping cost), and send a screen shot, etc. showing the defect or defect of the product.

Regarding deficiencies, defects, etc. of products purchased from our company, we will not respond other than exchanges, etc. stipulated above, unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions specific to the product (including terms and conditions).